Biorepositories for NCI-Sponsored Cancer Clinical Trials


Biospecimen collection parameters (e.g., types of biospecimens collected and timing of collection) are defined at the time of clinical trial development and documented in the protocols.

Biospecimens (e.g., archival FFPE blocks or slides, frozen tissue, blood) are typically collected by Cooperative Group member hospitals, member and affiliated member institutions, including Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP) research sites.

Study-specific collection kits are generally provided by the CGB, particularly for collection of body fluids (e.g., blood, urine) and or derivatives (e.g., serum, plasma) and frozen tissue. The specimens are then sent from participating hospitals to the designated CGB for further processing and/or storage. Specimens from clinical trials conducted either separately or together by several Cooperative Groups are currently stored in the bank of the lead group for that trial.

Clinical, treatment, and outcome data linked to the CGB biospecimens are stored in the Statistical/Data Centers of the Cancer Cooperative Groups.