Biorepositories for NCI-Sponsored Cancer Clinical Trials

Requirements for Access

Investigators requesting access to CGB biospecimens should refer to the Process Flow and the Access and Marketing documents: Feasibility Query for Specimen Request and Access to CGB Specimens (PDF); Biospecimen Access Application (PDF) for using CGB Specimens; and Material Use Agreement (MUA) (PDF).

Translational research concepts may be submitted by qualified investigators from anywhere in the world. All concepts are reviewed for feasibility (biospecimen availability and statistical feasibility), scientific merit, and alignment with CGB mission. The review process depends on the nature of the study under which the specimens were collected (single group, multiple groups, Intergroup, etc.).

Only approved concepts designed to investigate associations between laboratory and clinical outcomes are appropriate for use of the CGB specimens.


If so recommended by the review committees, the lead statistician(s) and/or the clinical trial(s) principal investigator(s) may participate in concept and protocol development, data analysis, or reporting of results. Translational projects will be reviewed by the same scientific standards regardless of the source of the application or the identity of the applicant.

In Intergroup trials or CGB trials with embedded biospecimen collection for correlative studies, the specimens are made available to investigators named in the trial protocol without further review. Remnant specimens from such trials will be available for distribution to qualified investigators through the process described in the process flow diagram, after protocol-mandated testing, translational research and trial completion.