Biorepositories for NCI-Sponsored Cancer Clinical Trials

Disposition of Biospecimens & Data

Distributed Specimens

Residual specimens remaining after completion or testing or termination of the study are to be managed in accordance with the specific MUA/MTA. Data generated from the testing of the biospecimens are to be managed in accordance with the specific MUA.

Returning Unused Specimens to Biorepository

Unused biospecimens and derivatives are returned to the CGBs according to their policies and in accordance with the specific MUA.

Recordkeeping of Specimen Distribution

The appropriate tracking of biospecimen use, distribution, and depletion is required by each bank.

User Feedback

Feedback about users’ experience with the CGB is welcome and suggestions for improvement will be seriously considered by the CGB to improve its performance and to maintain the quality of specimens.

Discontinued Biorepositories

In the event a biorepository’s operation is terminated, specimen custodianship and relocation will be negotiated with an alternative group in collaboration with the NCI.