Biorepositories for NCI-Sponsored Cancer Clinical Trials

About CGB

The CGB are a large collection of well-annotated biospecimens from patients enrolled in controlled treatment trials with definitive endpoints.  The scope and quality of CGB annotated specimens provide a unique resource for clinical and basic investigators worldwide from both academia as well as industry. 

Biospecimen resources are fundamental to the scientific mission of the NCI Clinical Trials Cooperative Group Program, the aim of which is to conduct definitive clinical studies that advance cancer therapy.  A majority of the current NCI supported phase II and III clinical studies include a correlative science component and/or a plan for biospecimen banking.

Financial and scholarly investments in translational research initiatives by the groups and the CGB make an important contribution by helping to design the next generation of cancer clinical trials using knowledge gained from correlative science studies conducted using CGB biospecimens.

Access to the CGB biospecimens requires an application, which can be submitted by any investigator around the world and is reviewed for scientific merit.  Please see additional details about CGB Biospecimen Access. These scientific merit reviews are performed by the respective Cooperative Group Review boards/committees and/or NCI Correlative Science Committees, independent of the CGB.